I was ordering stuff from amazon as prime member. All item ship with 2days shipment method. There 3 package from 3 different shipping carrier same location Fedex/ USPS/ UPS.

My USPS and UPS package arrive in two days.(USPS receive the package as next day after the order).

Fedex is big lie on their status. I check the fedex package after other two packages are arrived. It shows the status as "customer not available or business closed " for twice in same day. I am was thinking hmmmm I am actually home all day as home office. I don't see any notice or hear any fedex truck passing by. Hey miss the day one is ok just wait for tomorrow. Next day same thing happened again, "customer not available or business closed" I was like hey something not right so I call amazon asking what is going on is that incorrect address? I double check my order info is all correct (if not how other two carrier able to delivery to my house?) I confirm everything is correct and the amazon customer support say it will be delivery on Friday. Friday "customer not available or business closed", that is 5 days after my order placed and as prime member for 2 days shipping method. I am still not have my package in my hand now! What is wrong with fedex? The most sadly I call amazon and request I don't want fedex as my package carrier anymore but they say depend on the warehouse location. Well done fedex you just lost a customer that will not gonna using your service anymore.

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