We are a busy dental office and have used Fedex many times but a last week we called for a pick up and didnt have any paper work to fill out for the pick up package,the female rep,was not very helpful and frankly was a little sarcastic because I didnt know the correct wording for "cal tag", and she didnt offer that info.She told me I had to go online to order supplies and I explained to her that I had scheduled a pick up the day before and the driver had the paperwork and she insisted that they never do that instead of helping me out with the correct terminology for the "calltag" that the driver brings. Which the driver informed me of when he came to pick up the package. So I called UPS instead, They always provide paperwork and are very helpful especially on the same day or following day pick up.

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um i thought on packages you had to fill out paperwork for the driver if they are picking up from a residence for documentation for the company to be able to pick it up in case of a mishap they have records of where their drivers and your product was at that time.....guess im just sane an the girl is a bit lose in the head good luck just saying


when u order supplies it is not called a call tag, a call tag is when u have an account, and you schedule a pickup at a third party location.

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