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Is there any remaining reliable shippers? I am in a capitalist *** and it's only getting worse as the usps is dismantled

when did company's stop being responsible for their products or its failings?

for the past few months up to a year I have noticed companies first using covid as an excuse to operate poorly. now all the "customer support" phone lines have no graduated to always have incompetent, stoned sounding, young, or barely understanding/speaking English foreigners who don't even attempt to try to sound like they give a single *** about their job or the company. I am read a script, that amounts to I understand your frustration, and am soo sorry. Now with all that said; I will do absolutely nothing to fix or rectify the situation, put you on countless holds, and tell you there is nobody above me or a manager you can be connected to.

I can repost this for countless companies since covid, and probably will. Fedex keeps *** up shipments for me, including important mail supplies I need to survive. I keep getting stuff in a he said; she said between the shippers saying its on fedex and fedex saying its on the suppliers. Today I asked them to email me confirming that it responsibility is on the shipper because I am tired of the back and forth and they refused.

I asked to be connected to a manager so I may ask them and I was placed on hold. After 45 mins of the person coming back and saying I had to keep holding it became clear I was being messed with. I called back this time they refused to send me to management and said every employee would do the same if I called back.

I called back to complain about that employee and customer complaints told me that employee was doing what was company policy and no management is above any of them that I could speak with. Fedex is literally playing with my life and outsourcing any accountability and I am fed up.

FedEx Pros: No pros at all.

FedEx Cons: Terrible customer service representatives, Damaged package, Can kill me, Outsourcing.

Location: 942 South Shady Grove Road, Memphis, TN 38120

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