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To Whom It May Concern:

I have had 2 bad experiences and strongly demand you make changes or I will make other arrangements when I ship or receive items by express methods. On a previous occasion an items was ordered and I watched the internet site for the delivery path of my items. I stayed at home waiting for it to be delivered because I had to sign for it. When I checked the internet site it stated I was not at home and they would try again tomorrow. This was false as I waited all day for them to deliver it.

I finally got the item after much efforts and thought I could prevent this through pro-active efforts to make sure I was home and checked as it left the local facility to my home.

On September 15, 2008, I checked the Fedex website and called customer service. The item was scheduled to be delivered on 9-16-08. They told me it was scheduled to be delivered today instead and should be delivered by 7 p.m. I asked them if they might not deliver it today because it was scheduled for tomorrow. I asked if I could go to the local facility to pick it up and the customer service person said it was already out being delivered.

I waited all day for the items and the website said it was to NOT be delivered because it was not scheduled to be delivered. WHAT is going on here! Does customer service not know your policies for delivery? I then again offered to come and pick up the item and your local Bullhead City Office said they do not allow pick ups. They said they could not help me as it was against their policy. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE! Why bother having a customer service line that does not know if the item will be delivered or not? Why have a website to tell you about the delivery progress if it is NOT ACCURATE! I am so angry at Fedex that if you do not do something to improve this service I will NEVER use FEDEX again. You website does not even allow for customer complaints! Make it hard for use to get any satisfaction.

I am not asking for any money, I want to know what you are doing to improve customer service to not let anyone else get the run around I did.

To date I have not got the item. I will send copies of this to anyone in your chain, but it looks like you have a complaint system that isolates anyone from hearing the problems from Customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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