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FedEx service is GREAT. Its the people that ship who are ***.

You want your driver to come at the specific time you want. Well news flash thats the drivers day job he is going to come during the day.. No your package is not going to come on 1 truck that says YOUR name on it. It does have to go to hubs and travel to reach your address.

I have never heard of so many adults whining like children for something that is most likely the shipper or recipients fault.

If your shipper puts an address that isnt yours dont be *** and get mad at Fedex because your shipper cant fill out his own airbill. Just think about what you complain about before you do

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Hey smartfedex, you're a f****** ***! You're probably some douche that works for the company and is trying to defend it.

Well, I'm here to tell you that they do suck. I am waiting for a package that I have to sign for that was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Well I waited till 11pm for that package, mostly because our FedEx driver is a retard who always shows up to deliver our packages around 9:30pm(is this really considered kosher?). I checked the tracking status this morning and it stated that delivery was not made yesterday because I was not home.

Bull f****** ***! I waited all day for that retard. Fedex stated again today that the package was on the truck for delivery and it is now 7pm and still no package. So go f*** yourself smartfedex.

I don't think a company is very smart if it chooses to ignore the complaints it is getting, and judging from my own personal experience and the experiences of the other posters to this site FedEx has some serious issues that it better start paying attention to or else it will be the next victim of the recession. UPS is far superior.


Fedex had changed the dilivery date on their web site at the same day. I took off work, didn't leave the house all day, waited for the package all day till 8pm!!

They should have notified me at least one day in advance! Terrible service, unethical! I can't believe they would do something like that to a customer. Completely disappointed.

Now I have to took off work and wait from 8am till 8pm again!! They won't even give me the aprox time of the delivery.


This Company has a true Culture of deceit & lying.

I have never dealt with a Company where Management lie directly to Customers and encourage Employees to do the same.

With all the honest hard working People out of work today, one would think it's time to clean up the Organization and eliminate the lazy lying Bums that this Company employees.

I just moved my Business to UPS. I only 400-500 packages per year, but the are all high value. When there is a problem it takes forever to find the truth with these Employees. The biggest problem is Fedex Home which are Franchised to very unscrupulous Individuals and employ the dregs of working Society. They have a motto:

If you can lie with a straight face and steal like a Master Thief.



The address from the shipper was correct and was verifed 8 times with FedEx.

If it just had not been deoivered the first day( when it was scheduled to and Paid to do) I would say stuff happens.

Not to deliver as promised the next avaiable day or even the day after that is inexcuseable.

They are a shippping company...

FedEx is in the delivery business. It appears they got away from their core business.

Oh did I mention that there is a FedEx store in the retail apart of my building???


You must be a FedEx employee! I also get shipments via UPS.

They arrive when and where they say they will. I've also dealt with the now defunct DHL.

They seemed to be able to get it right too.

Sorry you feel so threatened by people wanting to get what they paid for. Maybe you should get a new job?

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