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I called both the company I bought the item, and fed ex to report the damage to the box and item. Fed ex took my report.

I got a call the next morning, answered it, to fed ex questioning me about my report, I explained 15 minutes after the item was dropped off my husband had pulled in and seen a box tattered an torn an thought I had my PA take out an old Christmas tree(because the box was in mud and pretty tore up.. He then realized it was a box from fed ex so he went out to retrieve the box which he needed tape to keep it together to get it into my house. This was a very heavy item 60 pounds, I thought maybe it was heavy and the carrier dropped it, my husband said it looked as if it had been thrown because both ends blew out. the item had been scattered around box at both ends.

Well the head of fed ex stated OH AND YOU JUST HAPPEN TO GET THE PACKAGE JUST THAT FAST? I said sir what do you mean that fast? my husband gets home at 3:00 pm, the package was dropped off at 2:44 (I also have a driveway alarm because im in a wheel chair and it takes me a minute to get to my door , so I know when the truck had came) Then he stated well you just never know if a dog could of tore it up or something ( I am guessing his statement is because the driver can see both treeing walker coon hounds in their kennels up by the house)I found this to be a rude statement, along with the statement about getting the item that fast. My driveway also had huge burn outs on both sides of my entrance, each going a different direction, as my driveway is split into a Y shape, one was coming and one was going.Then he goes on to tell me he can hardly believe his driver would do this or leave an item in such shape.

By this point I am more then a little upset. I told him I don't care if he believes, and that I am not just sitting here daily trying to find a way to make some complaints.. Was feeling a bit attacked by his rude comments and statements~my only complaint was to make sure they are aware. I am would not wish this on any one else in a wheel chair, or possibly and elderly person..

Some people can only shop through mail order delivery for many different reasons and count on this. I was also understanding because my item was a very heavy item, and maybe it had been dropped. I am coming to a realization he was probably having a bad day, and with Christmas so many deliveries going out..Who really knows, but I feel very let down. All I was looking for is acknowledgement, awareness, and maybe a little courtesy.

Please customers ask for a signature when getting deliveries from FedEx , because customer service may be nice, but the supervisor who returns the call is not, and there is always a return call. After this call, he made me feel as if, I was at fault for their mistake. I am trying to attach photo's of the box that had been delivered.

The photo's were taken once it was brought inside, it had to be taped up, to carry it into the house. Piece's were ripped off and the ends blown out onto the ground out side.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: To give courtesy, not all are making a complaint to have fun, OR TO RUIN SOME ONES DAY, acknowledgement, most important AWARENESS .

I didn't like: Way he talked to me, Accusations, Way the supervisor handled my report, Delivery pratices.

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Sorry for such a bad experience I work for fed ex I make sure that my customers receive there package and that its acceptable...a lot of my customers know me and the ones that are elderly when I knock tell me to come in and I place there package inside for them..

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