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I sent a box of homemade Christmas gifts to friends on the other side of the country. It took a week to get there.

My friends did not receive the package on the promised delivery date and FedEx indicated it would arrive the next day. It did not. When I called FedEx, they said my package was damaged and they would send it back. It made it all the way to the other side of the country, to within one hour of its final destination.

They could not say how it was damaged nor could they offer any kind of documentation. The representative apologized and said I could file a claim. (Thank you, FedEx, for turning this around to make it MY problem.)

I am beyond ticked. It has now been two weeks since I initially sent the package.

It should have been delivered to me by now, but they keep pushing the date.

Here is what I want: I want FedEx to take responsibility for screwing up my delivery. Take a picture of the damage and contact me about it. All of my contact information has been provided, for goodness sake. Then, if it needs to come back to me, put it on Express delivery.

A two+ week turn-around for something FedEx messed up is not acceptable.

Especially at Christmas. And then if I need to re-send it, offer me a better shipping deal to make up for the time lost on delivery of a gift whose care was entrusted to FedEx.

User's recommendation: Don't use FedEx.

Location: Santa Rosa, California

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Could FedEx drivers be scamming their bosses and customers? Could it be that because FedEx had such a good reputation and because many customers have used FedEx to mail one-of-a-kind items that drivers know what's in the boxes on their trucks represent 'good pickins?" Or are they just so overworked because of the massive increase in volume since the onset of the pandemic? Either way it's unacceptable and FedEx needs to step up and do something about it.