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I sent in my Sony receiver for repair. Upon receipt I got an email from Sony saying the package was damaged in transit so they are unable to work on it to repair the original issue.

The photos they send were glaringly obvious that FedEx had dropped the box denting the box and the receiver inside. I submitted a claim, which they promptly refused, stating that the packaging was insufficient. I had used densely packed paper as padding and shook the box prior to sending to ensure it wouldn't shift when jostled. The box I received back obviously was missing some of the padding, though fedex was determined that it was all there.

The paperwork from Sony said that paper padding would be sufficient, so I went based on that. Clearly FedEx doesn't care. So now I am out a receiver and the money I spent on it. On top of that they overcharged me for shipping.

I called them and apparently the value on the receipt they send does not include declared value or fuel surcharge. They also claimed the weight was more than it was, despite the fact that I got the weight from a FedEx branded scale at my job.

Never shipping with FedEx again. They simply don't care.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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