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I ordered an armoire in which one of two boxes were delivered.they never bothered to tell me it was so damaged they just left it on the truck.

The value was $225.00. My order got cancelled so I had to re-order (hesitantly) I did, and again the order came to my door completely destroyed. The box was torn and chunks were missing and you could clearly see damage to the product. Totaling in over $450 and $45 to ship each time.

I had to get a pick up tag and they came and only picked up part of the shipment.So part of it sat outside in the rain and I am fighting them on picking it up because they are telling me I have to take it to a store to drop it off (it weighs 109 pounds) I am so FED up with them I will make it a point to never order from a company who ships fedex.

Monetary Loss: $450.


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had the same problem they suck

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