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On Thursday, August the 18th, 2016 in the city of Edinburg, Texas I was driving South bound on McColl Rd it was 11:44 AM. I was running slightly under the speed limit using the inside lane.

As i approached the traffic light where Canton road tees off to the East there was a Fex-Ex truck parked in the center turning lane it was pointed North and had it's signal light on signaling a left hand turn to the West on to Michael Street in the Lake James neighborhood. As I approached the Fed-Ex truck suddenly made the left hand turn crossing my route of travel very abruptly. I immediately hit the brakes and leaned on the horn the car trailing me also had to hit the brakes and actually had go around me to avoid rear-ending me. Luckily the Fed-Ex truck had already cleared the lane or that trailing car would have broadsided the truck.

The car behind me was following too close no doubt but that Fed-Ex truck driver made a potentiality serious error in judgement. He (it was a male driver) for him to pull out like that in front of oncoming traffic could have absoluteness killed somebody. I did not get the truck number nor license plate and I considered going after him to obtain that info but thought better of it. I did pull off the road at the first opportunity to gather myself.

I made metal notes of the time location and so forth and was going to just forget about it as these incidents do occur however for a professional drive to make such a blatant error is I feel something that should be brought to someones' attention.

I'm certain that reviewing that day's deliveries to the Lake James area will tell you the driver of that truck.

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Try to get a DNA sample. That will nail him for sure!

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