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So I ordered a laptop, mouse, and a swim suit from Walmart. Okay so the first item that was suppose to be delivered was the laptop. They put on the tracking site that my laptop had been delivered so I go out there and look on my porch, I see nothing. I look in the bushes, I see nothing I go to both of my next door neighbors porches, I see nothing.

I walk in the house freaking out because my freaking laptop is saying its been delivered. So me and my mom come back outside and went looking again, still found nothing. We look up and here comes good ol FEDEX turning the corner. He pulls up and goes "whats yall's address" my mom was like thats our package. He said I can't see yall's address with all these trees everywhere. Ummm there is trees in our yard but they dont cover up the address. No other driver has had trouble finding our house in the past!!! Well good thing my laptop was delivered.

Next day I had 2 more packages that were suppose to be delivered in which they were delivered. So I checked the tracking on it, they put on there @10pm that they DELIVERED IT and left it on our front porch. This time it sent my grandma and email because I set it up to where it would email her when it was delivered because one of them was in her name which was my swim suit. So she comes running up to the front asking me did I look outside because she just got an email saying they delivered the package. So once again I go walking outside except this time its 10pm and its dark as *** outside. First of why the *** are you delivering packages that *** late???

I looked at the neighbors house again. Me and my grandpa went on the street behind us to check to see if they put it on the other street because we have had mail go to this house on the street behind us because the house has the same number as ours just a diff street name. Nothing!!! I gave FEDEX a call and complained because this has been going on here lately not with my just my packages but with my moms packages too. DONT PUT ON THERE THAT YOU DELIVERED OUR PACKAGE KNOWING *** WELL YOU HAVNT. I called them and they said that the driver delivered the packages, I said no they didn't its not at my house, nor is it anywhere near my house so he said that they were going to locate the driver and give me a call tomorrow.

Well what do you know my package shows up an hr later in my bushes. Me and my mom heard the truck pull up but by the time I got out there he/she took off!! So next time I order from Walmart, I'll just pick it up from the store!!!

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Ha! I like how the driver put it in the bushes like it was there the whole time.

wtf? ***.

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