Karlstad, Varmlands Lan

Febr. 3rd I went to the Fedex office in Malmoe with my package - destined for New Zealand.

I got help with the paperwork from an Fedex employee and were advised that as the package contained personal effects of a value under 10.000 SEK - no invoice for customs were needed .

The AirWay Bill was filled out - again - with help from Fedex employee and I paid a fortune

to get the package sent to New Zealand - estimated arrival : Febr. 9th.

the first 4 days the package shipped from : Sweden to Denmark to France to England and here it took a full stop at Poyle UK. I was told that the airplane couldnt *** due to snow which is a lie - all other planes could fly.

I kept on calling on Fedex - because no one kept me informed ! and suddenly I am told that I should-

of cause - have issued an invoice for customs !! I was told directly opposite by Fedex.

Now we have Febr. 10th - and the package still has not reached the receiver.

this is by far - the worst service I have ever experienced - and I have sent quite a few packages both privately and professionally - and it will NEVER AGAIN be with Fedex.


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I had the same experience with Fedex... My parcel was shipped from Paris to Denmark to Riga where it disappeared...

In stead of to Amsterdam....

Kept on calling and calling and never saw my package again... Fedex sucks big time !


If you want to ship international don't use Fedex kinkos their services are very, extremely poor, no follow up, lies about the delivery date etc... and then you pay a big amount of money! Never again!

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