This happened yesterday 08/1o/2020

i saw driver arrive got up to meet at my door? Surprise he didn't come to door he stood at beginning of my side walk and threw the package up onto my deck!

when i told him the package was technology his response was i just tossed it didnt throw it i told him

it was unacceptable your to do a delivery not a drive by n throw he did not apologize just turned his back and got in his truck!! He has also been reported for speeding in Our community several times and he doesnt obey the speed limit signs either truck number 31621

Personally if i can avoid using your servicee so be it there is No good customer service anymore or care for other peoples property ha d it been his i am certain he would have gone off

i am planning on calling the CEO tomorrow Mr Smith in Tennessee

User's recommendation: use another service.

Location: Essex, Maryland

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