Because the company(s) that sent the package didn't give me the tracking number, I didn't know where my package was. After waiting a day or two PAST the assumed/expected delivery date, I called XYZ, Inc.

and got it. Upon checking it, the driver attempted delivery on 4/1, but made a notation "incorrect address - recipient moved". Nobody moved, the address was correct. I have the original address on the envelope to prove.

Apparently the driver lied and/or went to the wrong address because here it is 2 days later (I didn't have the tracking number to check on it until 4/3) and I received the package also on 4/3. Now, I have made a complaint to the company who sent it about this for their part in not supplying me with the tracking number when it went out, but I complained to FedEx about the negligence on the part of the driver also and all they give me are boilerplate apologies and that it won't happen again.

Believe that. I'm going brown!

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