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They delivered my baby son's grave stone to a MACY'S AT A MALL TEN MILES AWAY instead of to a CEMETERY. If it weren't for the worker at Macy's calling the sender, and the sender calling me, I would have lost it, because fedex had no clue where it was and never called us back.

It takes filing a complaint for them to contact you, instead of them getting it right the first time.

DO NOT USE FEDEX UNLESS YOU LIKE YOUR VALUABLE ITEMS BEING MISLPLACED, LOST, OR STOLEN. You are truly taking a gamble by sending anything through fedex.

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That's terrible, but are you including all of the details? Perhaps it was heavy enough to be shipped as freight and the cemetery did not have proper facilities to receive it (ie: a lift gate truck was needed but that's not how it was sent).

Regardless, when its a sensitive matter like this I'd expect them to follow it carefully.

Very sorry for your loss.

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