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Tracking info on Fedex website said my package was delivered to my front door- it was not! It was actually at my neighbors house, and luckly my neighbor brought my package over.

But otherwise I filed a claim with the tracking dept, and they did not get back to me until 3 days later! And they were supposed to speak with the driver to find out where he delivered the package. However when the tracking dept called me; they had no idea where the package was, and had asked me to ask all my neighbors if they recieved my package. First off: I am not going around asking neighbors that I do not know about if they had my package, that is Fedex's job to get my package to the correct location!!!

When I told the representative about this situation all she had to say was maybe you were not home when they tried to deliver the package. So the driver gave your package to your neighbor.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #766371

This happened to me once too. Luckily my neighbor was great and brought the package over when they saw me come home, but there are some neighbors that I have had in the past that would not have done this.

I had some neighbors once that I had to call the police on because of a domestic dispute they were having. Their windows were open, ours were open, and the houses were really close and the man kept threatening the woman and she was screaming. I was a 21 year old petite female at the time, so no way was I going to go over there to try talk to them, so I called the police.

Needless to say they would not have given me a package if FedEx had dropped it off with them...but FedEx would have no way of knowing this. They really don't know if the neighbor's house is a "secure" location.

Deland, Florida, United States #763486

Except if they feel the package is not in a secure location they will attempt to deliver it to a neighbor. UPS as well and in fact most delivery companies have this sort of policy in place.

I get why you're upset but before you go through this with every other delivery company I would ask what their policy on something like this is.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #763443

You received the package, didn't you? Why the complaint? Would you have preferred the driver NOT deliver it that day but re-schedule it for another day's run?

to nikalseyn #763457

I would have wanted the driver to leave at my door, like my tracking info stated.

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