I run a Business Online. My packages have been Delayed just like everyone else.

So I am usually prepared for that. And yes, I do leave specific instructions for my deliveries. So today my 3-day late package was put on the truck for delivery, In another state. And 3 hours later I received my Delivered Notification.

Went out and NO Package. It was mysteriously signed for. BUT NO Signature is Required. There are only (5) houses in my block, And I know them all!!!

So Where is my Package????? Fed Ex says it has been delivered. Well, Clearly I don't have it. Not only has this Hurt my business, But who knows if I will ever get it.

Just Plain IRRESPONSIBLE, And no one on their end cares or wants to take Responsibility for their MISTAKE!!!!!

I have been hung up on twice. I just don't understand how a business so big, has no Morals and continues to get away with this kind of Unprofessional Acts...

User's recommendation: Good Luck!!!

Location: New Albany, Indiana

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