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According to tracking; item was delivered at my front door. I checked tracking the 2nd night after "it was delivered" and started looking for it.

Contacted customer service next morning and a case # was given to me. About 30 minutes later a customer service representative said they will get with the driver to find out. I left to go to work. About 2 PM the driver came to my house and showed my wife the exact location where the package "was left by the front door" and pointed out the exact location "right there".

Then he added "somebody must have picked up". About 9 PM I noticed I had 2 voice mails from an unknown phone number. After listening to the voice mails I found out that the package that "was delivered at my front door even pointing out the exact location" was actually sitting by the frond door of a neighbor about 10 houses away from me. I never had issues with FedEx until now.

I was OK if it was misplaced, we are humans. But telling my wife the exact location where it was left, then adding that somebody must have picked up....I don't think is right.

After the driver talked to my wife he left without any forgoing actions to be taken, nor I have received any more calls from customer service. Problably it was not their problem since "it was delivered right by my front door"...Thanks to my neighbor I now received the package at right address.

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Geez buddy get over it - Drivers do take days off and new drivers have to guess where the house is because everyone thinks

they are famous and driver should no where they are. Willing to bet your house isnt marked or your mailbox.

All the locals know where I live! Right? You would be joining 25% of the population who don,t mark there house.

Get over it - Holy ***, did the world end? :cry

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