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What is the point of fedex?

I though that if you want to send something fast and efficient you use fedex if not USPS is good enough.

It turns out if you want to get stuck in the house you only day of to receive a package that you urgently need, you use fedex, otherwise you can you someone else. So you spend the day waiting for them, they never show up, you call them and try to fight it out, but their customer service act like they are not responsible for anything. They just care... and why should they. They are not the idiots sitting at home waiting for package. So you got fedex facility in the middle of nowhere and pick package. Not an easy task either, 'cause they are "overstaffed" (one person is at the counter. You pick package... now what?

you are still pissed, you still feel like no helped you.

What's next?

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Customer Care.

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