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My package was suppose to be delivered on friday the day after Thanksgiving. Now it wont be delivered until Monday.

It has sat on the delivery truck since early Thanksgiving morning. Holidays are a good excuse but Fedex does the same thing when there is no holiday. Its like they dont work on fridays or the weekend in the Phoenix/Tempe area.

24 hours to travel from Fort Worth TX to Phoenix AZ but 104 hours to travel 60 miles from Phoenix to Coolidge AZ. I ordered the item from Walmart and I'm going to ask for a refund and Fedex can shove that package where the sun dont shine.

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most likely your package never made it onto the truck the first day. you think the fedex driver is just BSing around and not doing their job ever? obviously something happened that prevented your package from being delivered on the first day and they had to roll it over.

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