I ordered a comforter from Walmart, and my delivery dates were set to start on the 5th of Oct. I waited all day, my daughters window was open and she watched like a hawk ( she likes doing this lol ) My front door was open from 9am to noon.

I was on the porch from 11am to 130. My daughter had her window open and was anxiously waiting for the new comforter. No one stepped foot on my porch, there was no note left for attempt of delivery. MY house is definitely nothing like a business.

My neighbor had a re-delivery sticker on her door around 2ish,and I checked to make sure her name was on it.

So for whatever reason this driver decided a comforter set despite being lightweight even with it's size was too much of a hassle to bring up six steps. We have trouble with our local mail service too, so there is a sign on my porch telling people to not fake deliveries or leave mail on the steps.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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