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pretty much, I was supposed to get my package on Friday shipped from sunday from Cali to Mass, it finally got to Mass by Friday which is understandable, it was at a sorting facility I took a visit to. Thought I could just pick my package up since it was a town away no further than 5 miles, so I took a ride down there to not only find out that its in sorting AGAIN after it just came from a initial sorting facility, to be sorted again (however long that takes) to be departed to USPS to be sorted AGAIN, then mailed to my house FINALLY. My date est arrival changed from Friday to the next week on Tuesday... all because it is getting shipped from cali to ma to get sorted form being sorted already, to be sent to usps to be sorted AGAIN to be shipped to my door and then the cute extension of 4 days more to expect it when it is no longer than 5 miles away. ummm wtf?

The visit is another story.

when I got to the "smartpost" location, it was apparently a employee only entrance that everyone was walking into... all of these people were black, Brazilian, Mexican, Hadji, Puerto rican, etc..... im not racist but these people looked like they came from the crappiest part of the worst city in the state, or like they came from providence or were all immigrants working there flooding in the doors to get to work. when I walked inside there were two security guards with wands to scan peoples bodies after going through 2 metal detectors, and these people walking in did not even have a badge or any id or some sort to verify they actually worked there! I could of walked in like all the others and took my belongings in my pocket out of the metal bin and walked around and opened packages and pocketed other peoples *** or u name it I could of done whatever I wanted as the security guards I was talking to about my package, seemed so dumbfounded as why I was explaining I was there that I was obviously not a worker and it took them so long and 4 times to repeat to them as in why I was there. Bright individuals eh? not to mention the caliber people working there for a payroll that is probably minimum wage all probably doing labor intensive work that dosent live up to its pay. everyone there working probably did not speak and I heard them not speak fluent English, it seemed as if they were all immigrants. not racist and I am profiling, but I did not see at least one straight up standing bright looking individual there, everyone seemed as if their head was cut off and dumbfounded.

I walked away and knew there was no better answer than what I had just witnessed.

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