Bargersville, Indiana
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Today a FedEx delivery truck pulled into my driveway. I went to the door with my baby expecting him to bring it to the porch.

Instead he got out of the truck and threw the package at my dog! The dog was perfectly calm and just standing there watching him. He just chucked it at him! And then left it sitting there in the grass next to my bewildered dog!

I couldn't believe such rudeness! It would have been one thing if my dog was being aggressive but he wasn't at all. I will never use FedEx again because the last time I also had a very aggressive driver.

He got out and came up to the door. The dog was barking this time but not aggressively, more playfully and I heard the man say in a somewhat demonic voice "I will f*#%ing strangle you piece of sh&% dog!" I was scared to even open the door to get the package!

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