What a croc of ---- checked on line and said my delivery had a delivery exception "Customer not available or business closed "

I took a half a day off work to wait for this package.

It is a couple of very expensive golf clubs.

I called and asked how can that be, as I was home all afternoon.

This is a mobile park so Im sure driver never made a attempt to deliver this package.

Now on the next day Fedex Web Site says package is on the truck for a delivery.

Now best part, a fedex truck came into our Mobile Home this afternoon and our package wasnt on this truck

I was told it was on another truck.

Wow is that some frigging unbelievable routing.

To send 2 different trucks into same area really cant be to cost effective.

Way to go Fedex you must have nothing but total numb skulls working in Distrubtion Center.

This is the exact reason I never ever use Fedex when its up to me.

Monetary Loss: $400.


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FedEx Express - Overnight shipment - Exception.

"Driver couldn't get in the gate" according to FedEx phone representative... I live in an apartment complex with two gates, they are both constantly being opened throughout the day - as it's a huge apartment complex...

They will "try again" tomorrow... Well, the gates will still be there tomorrow, so I'm not sure what the point is...



fedex is terrible i had 4 out of 5 packages delivered today and the tracking on the 5th said i wasnt home what a pain in the butt

i am so angry

boycott fedex


I had similar problems with Fed Ex,now if I buy something on line and if they use Fed Ex I just don't buy it,I look for diffrent seller that uses other shipping services.


I purchased items online which SHOULD have arrived today.I told the seller I really need them asap and they did ship asap but through FED EX.

Funny Part I kept an eye on the tracking randomly through the days... For some reason (I THINK THEY NEED MAPS!) the package from New York was to arrive in Northeast Ohio. For some weird reason it arrived at their centers about 4 hours south of me (mind you most locations stop in northeast ohio as we do have a center way closer, long before moving a package 4 hours past its destination. Cost effective NO WAY!!

Figured they would figure it out, WRONG next update it was on a truck for delivery. I truthfully didnt know if they maybe sent trucks from farther then I realized? I stayed home all day and glanced outside (no nothing) look online, delivery exception- no attempt made redeliver next business day. HELLO get your heads out your rears, I have time schedules and you are wasting MY TIME & ENERGY Fedex, I ship over 200 packages a month, You will NEVER see my business coming through you!!!

I was already weary when the seller I bought from had over a hundred negative feedback mainly about items never received, or shipping time was very unreasonable and long. HA! Wonder wny?????????? FEDEX Do you have an answer???

By the amount of other complaints on fed ex PLEASE BEWARE they cannot do what they promise- just look at the dates of all the complaints.I see several per day almost and consumers are pretty frustrated by the time they leave reviews.


hey carl aren't there any autozone's or advance auto parts nearby?? you are one dumdass.. if you had so much trouble in the paST why do you put yourself through such agony..you are 1 dumdass..


i ordered parts for my wifes truck i got the email with the tracking number when i looked it up and seen it was comming from fedex i knew i wouldnt get it anytime soon.i have ordered things in the past and 90% of the time they drive past my house to drop it off at the local post office.

you pay them to deliver your package and they cant even do it..fedex is the biggest joke


You want fast and efficient FedEx delivery?

You got here !

Open youtube and search for this WEB STORM: FEDEX


Ugh!What just happened?!

I ordered an expensive phone off of the Verizon site last Tuesday. Verizon uses fed Exe for their deliveries. Well it's now Monday and fed Exe is saying delivery exception, customer not available or business closed! Huh!

They said it would only take two days?

Will they give me my package if I go to the store and give them the tracking number?:(


:( :roll :?

Fedex sucks they always use some *** excuse i have used it over 15 times and everytime there is a delay to over a month later then it should have been, It says that i have to wait another 3 days to get my package when the lazy *** driver never dropped it off and just said no one was there.


Fedex is the worst :(

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