I've been reading through the reviews here and I'm seeing that "delivery exception" seems to be a standard excuse for not delivering on time and it comes in multiple flavors. I too have been the victim of this response.

Most recently (Saturday to be exact), I was expecting a package that in the morning was showing on their tracking site as out for delivery. Around 4:00, no package, so thought I'd check. Sure enough, it was the dreaded delivery exception. This time for address.

I called, got customer service, they read the address to me. It was my exact address. They've delivered here before (often inefficiently), but suddenly it seems that my address no longer exists. No I can't talk to any one with any authority at the local center, not allowed.

The earliest they can schedule a new attempt will be Tuesday.

I have made myself a pledge.

If I have a choice of a delivery between Fed Ex and UPS or for that matter the post office, I'll take the other option, even if it means paying more. At least I'll get my delivery on time and without elevated blood pressure.

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Sadly, Fed Ex now stinks. I miss their good service. UPS here I come.


lazy drivers use this as an excuse to go home early. fedex obviously doesn't care. Rather use snail mail than give them another dime to get agitated


file a complaint with the sate attorney general. This is fraud. Maybe corporate fedex will start asking local delivery centers why this is happening so often when they have to answer to the state attorney general


this is the driver's way of not having to do their jobs whenever they want to go home early


I agree, I ordered an item through walmart to get it fast. (2 day) On delivery date, out for delivery and then Delivery exception stating customer not available or business closed.

I have been here all day! Lies! My last package said delivered to front door, no package, I called to report it last on day 2.

Day 3 it was delivered and the tracking was changed from delivered to delivery exception to delivered. Lies!


Stick delivery exception up you add FedEx always a problem with you. I'll pay ups more just to get what I need not 6 days late


I hate fedex. Never have I gotten my package on the said date. They always always come with delivery exception.


I too am fed up with the delivery exception. I will get it day after day.

If you can't find my house, ask! It should not be on me to take time out of my day to resolve this just because you have a new driver.


Fedex Sucks!


I *** hate FedEx snd their *** delivery exceptions

Queens Village, New York, United States #1265707

Same here lazy jamaica sorting center drivers .. queens ny..

let merchant know so they lose alot of money.. use uses or ups fed ex worst.. lazy drivers want to go home early.

Blame customer not home ..

Queens Village, New York, United States #1265675

Drivers lie to get home early period happen to me today. I wait all day and u know they never came. Open windows ..


Is wish I had used any shipping service other than fedex. They are horrible at everything!


I agree. This is now my 4th delivery failure from Fedex that I've experienced in the past 7 deliveries. Amazon needs to dump Fedex.


That's what's happening to me right now with the Gear VR.

They refuse to change the address or let me pick it up at the Fed Ex store (it's been there for 4 days and I paid for overnight shipping) and Samsung says they can't do anything since it's already been shipped.

I'm calling tomorrow and DEMANDING that they let me pick up MY package that they failed to deliver or even try to fix.


I too experience this delivery exception. The same exact thing occured.

It was a Saturday delivery that said it was out for delivery then all of a sudden says delivery exception. I also have had numerous packages delivered to my home address and my address is not unknown. This sounded like my delivery may have been out of his way even though you are assigned packages on your route area or Im done for the day and driver wants to go home. I was scgeduled to go on vacation Saturday and was waiting for delivery that day then leave out.

I had to wait 3 extra days. So upset and disappointed


Same old story: I track my package online with great anticipation, wait all day for the truck to arrive, and then get a 'delivery exception' door tag instead of my property when I've been here all day. I always choose UPS over Fedex, and will tell anyone who will listen.

Jerks. :(


Update: I got my package...I had to walk all the way down my mile long road and across a highway...in 95 degree weather. Only to find my package smashed and with a hole ripped in the packaging... :(


Fed ex tried to say my street is inaccessible :roll ..well the USPS and UPS people have no trouble at all. But now I have to either 1.) have it delivered somewhere else 2.) go pick it up at their office or 3).

wait for a call from the driver and walk to get my package. LAZINESS. Absolute laziness.

I want my money back for shipping. :(


I am also victim of this delivery exception. Not only this when I called them they say that they made multiple attempt and left a tag on the door, but in reality nothing like that happened.

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