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I have had it with Federal Express.It would be different if this was a first time incident, but it has happened more times that I care to describe.

I had a suitcase and other items sent next day because I needed them and willing to pay the fee. Got home from work and no package. Tracked it and it showed delivered at 11:30 AM, just prior to my wife accepting a flower delivery. I called the company who called FEDX.

Delivery exception because of the wrong address. Not so! The address is correct. I have had this happen with contact lenses left at a neighbors house on a porch, in the sun, and they were on vacation for 3 weeks.

Last month ago the FEDX driver left a replacement credit card of a neighbor on my porch. Not my address, and the correct address for the neighbor, but delivered to the wrong house.

I am so tired of paying for service I don't get from FEDX, I am going to stop using them at my company, and go strictly with UPS and USPS.I need reliability, and FEDX, you are not the one to provide it.

Monetary Loss: $400.


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