I was home all day yesterday until 9, outside on the front porch while my packages stayed out for delivery, check the status of my packages, found out it was status as delivery exception I even ran down the first fedex ground truck I saw and had no luck... Called in and got a bunch of apologies and a reference number to my complaint..

Got a call the next morning saying they will re attempt today at 4 or 5..

We will see, I'm waiting now... I was gonna snap but I'm being humble until around four or five o'clock.

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #762139

I am having the same problem. Tracking shows delivery attempt at 9:25 pm.

They stop deliverying at 8 pm. Like you I was hoping the driver was late and was back and forth to the door looking out -- no driver and no door tracker so he was not there.

This was on Wednesday. It is not Saturday and it shows package at facility.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #762120

Humble? Really.....you typed all that tripe and you claim to be Humble....no....your impatient....slow your

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