11/20/13 sent Fed Ex overnight from Mt Laurel NJ to Syracuse NY to son who lives in a secured apt building with an open management office. Delivery on 21st was critical as son was leaving college on the 22nd for Thanksgiving. Cost: $25. Contents: Ez Pass transponder so he could afford the trip home.

Son called, ez pass did not arrive. No notice from Fed Ex. Checked tracking online, said delivery failed due to customer not at home or business closed at 1:16pm. No attempt was made to call the recipient with the phone number provided on the delivery slip. No attempt was made to leave the package with the management office. No failed delivery slip was left to allow my son the option of picking up his package. I believe Fed Ex did not even attempt to deliver.

On the tracking site, Fed Ex says it will make a second attempt on the 22nd 'before 8pm'. My son will be long gone and the management office closed by 4pm. I called Fed Ex customer 'service' and explained if they were to make a second attempt, it would have to be before 3pm. They would not agree to that. If that is impossible, I asked that they return the package to me. It took 10 mins to convince the drone on the phone that I would not agree to a 2nd delivery attempt if they could not assure me it would occur before 3pm. They finally agreed to return my package to me. That was on the 21st.

Today is the 23rd. My son is here (I had to make a deposit to his debit card account to pay his tolls). According to the tracker, my return package will arrive on Wed, 11/27, a full week after I shipped it. It left Syracuse on Friday, 11/22, arrived in Newark on 11/23 (about 2 hours from my home... I could have WALKED to Newark and picked it up in one day...not the 5 days Fed Ex needed to get it to my home) and later that same day, arrived in Memphis TN. I'll say it again...Memphis TN. Why Memphis? Over 800 miles away, when it was within 120 miles this morning.

Conversely, my other son attends Susquehanna University in PA. On Friday, 11/22, I used the USPS to send him HIS Ez Pass, using 2 day delivery for $6. It arrived 11/23.

I will never use Fed Ex again. "When it absolutely has to be there overnight" should be changed to reflect reality: "When it absolutely makes no difference to us, we'll deliver when we d*mn well feel like it".

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Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States #759096

I am the original poster. I actually got PO'd enough to email Fred Smith.

3 days after I sent that email, and conveniently the same day the package finally arrived (one week after overnight express), I received a call from Fred Smith's office. They apologized for the poor service and offered to refund my shipping fee of $25. That was Wed before Thanksgiving. Today is Dec 16th.

No check. Last week I went to the Fed Ex storefront where I had originally shipped the package. They are 'not set up for refunds'. The man in the store was very nice, called Accounts Payable, found out my check had been cut on 11/29 and mailed to me.

17 days later, no check.

Did they Fed Ex it to me? 'Cause that would explain why I still do not have it.


memphis is the hub for most packages to go. doesn't matter where you live.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States #747702

Update: The package, after spending a day and a half in Memphis, has arrived in PA, after a 12 hour journey by truck. Linwood PA is 10 miles from my home. Today is Monday. According to Fed Ex tracking, it will take 2 days to travel 10 miles.

To date: package flown from Syracuse NY to Newark NJ. Flown from Newark NJ to Memphis TN. Sat in Memphis 1/5 days, then driven to Linwood PA (travel time 12 hours), where I am guessing it must sit for 1.5 days before being delivered to Woodbury NJ.

What a cluster.


LTCC, yes I am. I usually research large purchases to make sure I know who I'm dealing with, never bothered when it was a small and regular service. I will going forward.

I've used Fed Ex personally and professionally for years with minor delays, never when it really mattered. The delay is not what infuriated me. It was the lie about the attempted delivery combined with the company's total dismissal of my complaint. When your only product is service, you have to get it right. I filed a formal complaint with Fed Ex Thursday night. Still haven't heard from them. Seems they respond to email as quickly as they deliver packages.

BTW: 24 hours later, the package is still in Memphis.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #746680

Beating you had wished you had read the other 1362 complaints before you spent the money.....right? Common theme over and over with FEDEX......and yes, there routing only makes sense to them...no one else.....

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