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I work for restaurant depot and fed ex is supposed to bring our checks on Thursdays. We get payed biweekly and on our last pay cycle fed ex lost our checks and they had to send new ones from ny.

This pay cycle we had a storm and our checks were support to be delayed but its been three days and fed ex is no were to he found and no one can get answers.

This is the second time they have lost our checks. It's really sad when they lose 85 employees checks and there not held responsible.

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Newark, New Jersey, United States #769923

Shipping paychecks is no different than shipping toilet seats, its just a package. Sometimes when moving millions of packages, there will be a delay. Besides, its 2014, haven't you heard of direct deposit?

to back to the ***ure Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #771287

Fedex employees love getting on here and trolling on customers. It's pretty sad.

My complaint on here received 10 replies calling me names for telling the truth about their company failing.

Maybe if they focused on doing their jobs properly they wouldn't have to worry about complaints.

Enough excuses. Just deliver on time.


YES!---it's one thing to lose packages, but paychecks people depend on for a living!---that is really sad! Once is bad enough---but twice!!!!!

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