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My office has people in and out and we don't have a receptionist. I am there a few days a week and usually accept and packages.

The driver we have now always makes some rude comment about how he has to 'shlep packages back and forth in the pooring rain' and sometimes no one is at the office. Although I can understand his frustration, I am a part time employee, none of the packages are for me, and it is not my fault if no one is there. Furthermore, sorry to say it, but THAT IS YOUR JOB. What did you think being a delivery man entailed?

Don't be rude to me because you don't like your job. I HATE dealing with this guy because he makes me uncomfortable and is unkind.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of fedex shipping. Fedex needs to "new delivery man in my area" according to poster's claims.

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Yes, if you want to deliver for FedEx and you are a vocal complainer, FedEx will hire you! They are not a "Customer Oriented" company.

I have complainer about my FedEx Express guy. I have zero confidence that it will be resolved!


your office should put deliveries on hold for the days that no one is there

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