Package was supposed to be delivered today by 8 pm. I was home all day AND I had the first delivery attempt receipt on the door with my signature to deliver.

I tracked the package at 7 pm and it said there was an attempt to deliver at 1:05 PM. I WAS HOME and I had the signature receipt taped to the front door. The driver obviously lied about trying to deliver the package. Now I have to go way out of my way on a Saturday to try to pick up the package at the FED EX station.

This is the Tacoma, WA station on Frank Albert Road btw.

Also I was on hold for over 1/2 hour with the most obnoxious music and someone coming on saying "someone would be with me "shortly"" about a million times.

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That guy at the bottom should be the one being cussed about. I am having the same problem right now.

I leave on vacation in a few days and my package keeps going back and forth between two fedex hubs. The website says that there are failed delivery attempts but it is supposed to go to a delivery center and they have never called me to let me know it arrived.

Neither does the tracking information say that it has arrived. So before you start cussing at someone like that get the facts.

Denver, Colorado, United States #761949

I just spent 30 minutes in that same *** to get nowhere. They have ZERO customer service.

Middletown, New York, United States #761942

should have answered the *** door.

i hate *** like this they think they know everything but *** answer the *** door. you know he knocked.

i doubt he said oh *** that fat ***... who would want to

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