I was expecting the package, but needed to go on the business trip from my work. My mother lives close to my place, so I supplied her with my ID and asked to pick up for me.

But, then it came a world scale issue to get in touch with the driver, so both can meet. This is 2015, everybody got a cell phone, but FedEx is not aware what is their driver's number (or just don't want to bother) so my mother need to waste half of the day waiting for FedEx truck, then chasing him all around the area (she's 70, by the way).

My every single experience with FedEx is negative for the last 5 years, which just proves that this company doesn't use elementary common sense in business solution, wasting it's customers time and money.

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Henderson, Nevada, United States #994209

as most business practice, cell phones are prohibited. The driver holding your package was likely driving a route that is set up to be efficient.

Why would the office that you contact be able to find a driver for your mother to catch up to?

The curriers job is to deliver the packages in the order of their drive. You should have had your mom just hang out at your place for the delivery.



Villa Rica, Georgia, United States #993622

Elementary common sense? How about some elementary school grammar lessons for you.

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