On 8/30/14 I ordered a package from Amazon and, since it was too large to be delivered by USPS to my Post Office Box, they sent it by FedEx ground. I had a guaranteed delivery date of 9/3/14 after paying the extra for one day shipping.

Today is 9/7/14 and I still have not received my package. When I tracked the shipment, I noticed that for 3 days, my parcel had bounced back and forth between Stockon, CA and Sacramento, CA. I called the FedEx help line (should be called the helpless line) and was told that they couldn't understand why my package hadn't been sent to Roseville, CA yet (the hub where all of the deliveries are placed on trucks headed to your zip code and thus your home. I was assured that it would go to Roseville then next day, which it did, and THEN IT WAS SHIPPED BACK TO SACRAMENTO!

I called their help line again and they were perplexed as to why my package went back to Sacramento instead of being delivered to me. I have had a total of 3 promised delivery dates now and they have all passed without delivery. I think my package is lost and they just won't admit it. Amazon is involved now and they have assured me that if I don't receive my packed in the next 2 days, they will reship a new one, at no charge, via UPS which is so much better than FedEx.

I've had to cancel installers (I had ordered a dog door that fits into your sliding door) 3 times now. I doubt they will even install it for me now since they have lost business by scheduling time for me only to have me cancel because FedEx hasn't delivered the door yet. I have told Amazon that, in the future, I DO NOT want FedEx delivering any of my orders.

If they can't us USPS then I want UPS. I have never had one problem with UPS.

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