I had four boxes shipped under my account from my distributer in California to my address in Maryland. The four boxes were packaged all the same and dropped off at a fed receiving center and excepted and scanned by a Fedex employee.

Three of the boxes arrived at my address while the fourth box was sent to Chicago and after a few phone calls and a couple day delay all four packages were together. One of the three boxes that I first received had been crushed and the sides had slits from a blow out allowing the small packages inside to slide out the sides. I didn't see the blown out sides and wasn't able to do a full inventory until I received the delayed fourth box. After getting all the boxes and doing an inventory I contacted fed ex CS and told them the photo was not an actual representation of the damage because I had opened the box not noticing or expecting damage.

CS told me to submit the photo anyway and that fed ex would understand the box was opened not knowing there was an issue and it is with that photo that my claim was denied. If there was an issue with the packaging then all three boxes would have had issues because they were all packaged the same. The boxes were excepted at a fed ex facility by a fed ex employee completely intact. My distributor packages thousands of boxes a year without incident.

Fed-ex mishandled this box. I paid over $200 dollars to have four packages delivered with one being misdirected and the other missing product not to mention the time I have spent trying to get this resolved. The product that was lost had to be reordered and now I have to wait three months for it to be made again. This was the first delivery under my account using fed ex and it has been a nightmare.

Not a good first impression. I am now trying to get the case reopened and have fed ex do the right thing and reimburse me for my lost product.

User's recommendation: Use another carrier.

Location: Dundalk, Maryland

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