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Dear Fed Ex, October 5, 2014

I appreciate your concern and consideration for customers with fences & gates who spend their spare time video-taping delivery persons heaving packages over aforementioned fences/gates and later posting these nightmarish situations online.

The horror.

This said, I would like to ask for some consideration for people with 6 foot privacy fences/gates who are not whiney cry-babies. We have these fences for a reason. We don’t want anyone to have access to our homes. We would still like to have our packages delivered. Slide them under the gate, through the fence bars . . . or hurl them over the damned fence.

I write in response to a courtesy call I received from a very nice driver who was having some problems finding my home due to construction. There is access. I had 3 packages delivered via Fed Ex the previous day. My assumption is that this was a new employee and he was following Fed Ex protocol to the letter. Here are a couple hints: #1. If you are placing a “courtesy” call, then be polite enough to listen. English is my first language and I am a fairly intelligent person. Even having “lady parts,” I somehow manage to get home at the end of the day. That massive construction project? Yeah, been dealing with those detours for almost a year. Not expecting an 18 wheeler to roll up.

#2. Try to be aware when the courtesy call becomes an aggravating call. Some of us work on Saturdays too! We would very much like our package delivered when you are calling from within one block of our home. Do not ask me to come outside and wave my arms. I do not work for Fed Ex nor do I assist landing 747s. No orange vest or flashlights should be necessary. When I pay for shipping & handling I somehow think I have very little involvement in this process. Let me reiterate that the gentleman on the phone remained extremely professional - even when I cussed him out - which I did. It basically became a fence issue. I suggest you change protocol to some recognition of a customer’s adamant desire that a package may be simply thrown over the f*cking fence. Please.

Sincerely yours,


Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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You sound like a rich prissy ***. Get off your lazy *** and help someone find your house.

They don't throw packages over fences because it'd just give you another reason to complain.

I hope they do throw your packages and break something for you though. You sound like an awful person stay inside your fence and get over yourself.

Orlando, Florida, United States #880943

Yeah, because Fedex drivers are supposed to know which packages are OK to throw over a fence (ridiculous to ask any delivery service) and which ones will have customers complaining their package was ruined because they threw it over a 6 foot high privacy fence. Frankly if I'm FedEx I'd be happy to do without your business.

You aren't special and asking a driver to violate protocol is not something they should have to do. Maybe UPS would be happy to punt your box over the fence.

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