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Fedex has a history of refusing to knock or ring the doorbell when delivering. Don't be surprised if you get a door tag despite being home, and waiting.

If you live in an apartment building, they my not even bother to walk up the stairs.

That's really all that needs to be said. There is a 100 word count though. Here are some other words for you.

Flipper. Slipper. Dogbeans. Milk Tank.

Farm Storage Units. Milfdog Soup. Seriously this 100 word junk... Chocolate Spandex.

Giant Slug. Fishsticks. Doorknob. Bacon.

Fruit Loops. Hamburger Helper.

Tennis. And last but not least, Checkers.

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Beverly Hills, Florida, United States #625745

I have had the same problem with them. Was sitting in my den waiting for a delivery.

Found a paper stuck on the door. Never did he ring the door bell or knock. I couldn't have missed it since my 80 lb.

dog would have started barking. This has happened many times too.

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