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I was home all day sitting right next to the computer which it just so happens is less than 3 ft from the door. I kept updating the tracking page to see when I could expect it.

All of a sudden, I refresh again...only to find out that my new update at 2:34 pm was that there was a delivery exception i.e. "Customer was not home, or business was closed" So I called FedEX at 2:36 pm. I told them I've sat by the door all day long and they never knocked nor did they ring the doorbell. They asked me to check to see if they left a door tag, and they did not.

At 2:41 pm they called the driver to see if he could redeliver the package. His reply was that he was no longer in that delivery zone (25 min away) and could not redeliver. I responded to the supervisor. How did your driver get from my house to where he's at in 7 min when it takes 25 min at least to get there?!

Their response......"cricket....cricket.....cricket...." After talking to a supervisor's supervisor's supervisor and after a lot of bad noise, they finally determined that the driver delivered (attempted) to the wrong house. The excuse was that the housing area we lived in, all the houses look very similar. I replied "Indeed, they do.

However, my house has one very unique feature that sets it apart from the other houses....my house number" Again after a lot of bad noise I finally was able to push enough to have them redeliver the same day, or rather "deliver" since they can't redeliver if it never happened. Wow, FedEx...never again.!

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years later they still pull *** like this.accept they refused to "redeliver" it cuz the guy is gonna go back to the station.i said cant he come back here and deliver likes hes suppose to before he "goes back to the station?""i understand but no" crickets, well try to "reattmpt" tomorrow.holy *** do your fkn job.


Is it wrong that I get all tingly when I read an intelligent, well written, and perfectly legitimate review on here? Thank You

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