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Shipment was not delivered to shipping or billing address, when called customer service I spoke to a representative named “Brenda”, I had to ask “Brenda” her name 4 times before she gave me a name, I asked for her employee ID # or extention number or last name so if I had to call back I could speak to her since she knew what was going on, she replied she didn’t have any of the above, I asked to speak to a supervisor and she claimed there was not one available. She was rude and stated the best advice she could give me was to replace my order and have it expressed shipped (this would mean i would have to repay for my item AND pay express shipping) when I mentioned this to her she stayed “yeah probably” she was no help at all. I explained to her that my confirmation reported it was delivered and left at the front door however the shipment address was a place of business, she was just rude and did not have good customer service, I asked if there was any way we could contact the driver and she became upset and said there’s a process they have to go through (which I understand) but there was absolutely no reason for her rudeness.

-Carmen Chiesa

(979) 332-8829.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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