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My tracking number - #604013462457 On 07-21-14, I received a message that our phones were on the way and would be delivered by 8:00 pm on this Wednesday, 07-23-14.We were not home and a sticker was left on our door stating that Fedex had been here, we weren't home and we could pick up our package at the store after 6:00pm that day.

First of all, the delivery person put the date as 07-22-14 which is was really the 23rd. When I went to the store, which is a 32-mile roundtrip for me, I was told the driver wouldn't be back in the store until after they closed. In checking my tracking number today, it shows the driver was back in the Issaquah facility by 6:27 that night and that's when I was at the store. The clerk lied to me and said the driver wouldn't be back until AFTER the store closed which was a plain out lie.

So I had to make a trip down to Issaquah per the instructions I was left, the clerk lied to me about the driver not being there, so I made a useless and gas-expensive trip for nothing! So now it's after 5 on the 24th and I am STILL waiting for my package. So much for FedEx.

I really want to hear back from a supervisor about why I was lied to and be compensated for the gas I used for a useless trip that I was told to make.I'm waiting........

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Somebody call this guy a waambulance

Orlando, Florida, United States #845501

You'll be waiting a long time, Fedex doesn't read this site and they certainly aren't going to cut you a check for the gas.

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