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We have been in business for over 30 years and have been using Fedex as our primary shipper for the past year.We switched last year to Fedex from UPS with the promise that we would get sizable discounts and save money.

Ha! We were never told that we would be charged an additional handling charge of $8.00 per package, yes PER PACKAGE, to ship our only product. In addition to that we are being charged an additional $2.75 for residental and $3.00 for rural residential to deliver to a BUSINESS! Yes, you are reading this correctly.

FedEx maintains they have their "own list" of addresses they consider businesses and because some of our customers are not on their list of addresses they do not qualify as a business customer. So we are being penalized for our customer's geographical location. I have brought this to the attention of our so called Rep - who by the way automatically denies our claims, I have filed a formal dispute with the billing department, and because the contract doesn't specifically say exactly what we will be charged for and exactly what their list of delivery business addresses includes we will continue to be charged outrageous fees for deliveries. We sent a 10 lb package and were charged a whopping $60 in shipping fees!

The product itself was only sold for $24.99. We actually lost money on the sale because of FedEx.

I implore you to read your contract, check you monthly statement VERY carefully and compare it to what you think you should be charged, and please consider UPS as your shipper.We are switching back to UPS as of today and "Brown never looked so good".

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Blue Genes

Thanks for sharing your story.We've had problems with FedEx in the past as well.

They have a lot of hidden fees and charges that seem to materialize about three months into the contract. They also hound you to resign the contract with the "promise" of bigger discounts and more savings.

What a joke.We switched back to UPS as well and the service is terrific!


What are you talking about? Your post makes no sense!


Please at least try to learn something, anything, about the transport industry. Stop crying like a little girl.UPS will welcome you back until next time you cry, then switch to USPS. :cry

By the way how did those "marital aids" work out for you?


Yeah and they don't deliver on time....EVER!


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