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People need to take responsibility for procrastinating on their holiday shopping. Don't blame FedEx when you shopped too late.

Everyone has 365 days to do their Christmas shopping. My gifts always arrived in ample time to wrap them and relax. Try it. You'll probably enjoy the season more.

And so will those who don't have to listen to your complaining.

This also works for Hanukah, birthdays, anniversaries, and other gift giving occasions. Merry Christmas and happy new year FedEx employees!

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Well how about when they lie and say it was delivered to you and you were home the whole time and then they say there is nothing they can do but try to redeliver redeliver to where who knows according to the tracking they were delivering to the wrong city I ended up 3 days later having to have it held at their facility and pick it up myself they should be able to read an address and deliver it to the address on the label Right? this is the third time they have done this to me and when I do get the package the address label does have my correct address so how can they possibly deliver it somewhere else


Definately a Fedx employee. I've had several issues with Fedx.


You must be a POS FedEx Employee.

to Anonymous #1085236

And you must be an *** who waits last minute to order stuff online. You obviously lack common sense.


This review is extremely helpful..

I wish people would stop blaming others for their laziness. Christmas happens every year at the same time.

It should not be any surprise? And the delivery companies work very very hard to get everyones packages out by Christmas.

But hey, ya can't fix ***.

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