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When i dropped the box, i asked the fedex employee if it was safe to ship my son's contacts and glasses because he went for vacations 1 month and forgot them. He said it will be ok not to worry and the box should be delivery in 3 days and i paid $130 dollars.

Well its over 2 weeks and its not diver. According to fedex custom wants a health permit, and its very hard to get a health permit and takes a long time to get it. Now fedex is telling me after 48hrs i must pay storage so basically for 2 weeks i prob will have to pay over $300 dollars.

Bow if i want it back it will cost me another $130. Thats bull ***, fedex should of advise me about the customs regulation related to contacts, i dont understand how thats an issue when they are my sons, so is not touching anybodies else.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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