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I phoned Fedex (Riyadh) on last Tuesday to ship some papers, the call agent told me that the driver is coming before 3:00 pm, but nobody came.. I called them back on Wednesday and same thing they told me the driver is going to come before 12:00pm, and again the driver didn't come!!

It is not the first time this happen so my advice to everybody to not ship with this poor company. In addition, when I shipped with them last time I paid one forty S.R as loadin and packaging serives (about 10.67 USD), but I did take my package down from my car to their office, they didn't help me at all and chagred me!

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FedEx is the worst I try not to ship with them at all. I have had one problem with UPS in the past 5 years which they handled very well.

FedEx on the other hand does not seem to be able to make a delivery on time if at all. I usually have to go pick it up and IF they can find it it takes a long time (they are incredibly inefficient).

They do not answer e-mails or return phone calls. One time I went in to pick up a package at 4:15PM (they close at 4:30PM) I was told: "we decided to close early come back tomorrow".

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