I order car parts online alot. IN the last year I have only received parts shipped fedex on 3 occasions. The first time their website tracking info said my package would arrive on a Saturday. I was pretty happy because I thought it was going to take until Monday. Well Saturday came and the website said it was on schedule, Saturday evening came and my package didn't arrive, on top of that the delivery date dissapeared and didn't reappear until Tuesday when it said it would be delivered that day. I thought it was a mistake, but it seems to be common practice at fedex.

Last week I ordered some more parts and they were shipped fedex. Three packages were scheduled to be delivered on Saturday which sounded great, just a few days after I ordered! So I stayed home Saturday waiting for the packages, and no packages were delivered. The delivery date dissapeared yet it was still on schedule... And then Monday evening a new delivery date for wedensday was set. Well at least those packages came on wed. This recent order was to come in two parts. The second part was shipped two days after the first (Friday 30th) it immediatly had a delivery date for the 5th (today) and surely enough my package wasn't delivered and the delivery date is gone.

I called fedex and spoke to a rep. I told him the situation and asked why it happened and when my package would arrive. He said he didn't know and that my package would be here tomorrow. I guess we will see about that!

Moral of the story is that if you want to track your packages don't bother with fedex, and most importantly don't trust their delivery date.

I will be trying to get my money back and avoid fedex at all cost in the future.

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*** FedEx.They're not very good carriers.

Shouldn't exist.My date just changed agsin

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1345948

I have had the same experience with non-delivery on the day specified by their tracking number. Much time lost and people inconvenienced waiting for large package delivery (furniture).



LOL look at all the butthurt FedEx shills in the comment section!

FedEx is by far the most incompetent shipping carrier in the world. They constantly miss deadlines, lose packages and damage fragile goods. I try my absolute best to avoid using them at all costs.

Google "FedEx guy throws computer monitor" that should give you some idea of how they conduct business.

For the record: To the hired FedEx shills in the comment section, FedEx doesn't even use the terminology "estimated delivery date" they use "Scheduled delivery date".

LOL Even the shills they hire are complete morons!

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1290560

Fedex is very unreliable.

Pipersville, Pennsylvania, United States #1289082

FedEx delivered my package on time.I received my package at around 10:30am.

Tracking information was good, too.

The box was in excellent condition.An undamaged, glistening, stratocater was inside of the box.

Mexico, Capital District, Venezuela #1245309

My life experience with shipping companies:

DHL - Delivery estimate = delivery date

UPS - Delivery estimate = delivery date

USPS - Delivery estimate = delivery date

Servicio Postal Mexicano - Delivery estimate = delivery date

Fedex - Delivery estimate +6 days = delivery date (remember, weekends are not business days in this case either)

Naples, Florida, United States #1227857

Look up the word estimated in the dictionary. This country seems to be full of illiterate, dumb people.

to LadyScot #1277583

..also a lot of arrogant, condescending, know-it-alls.


Ummm... that's why it says estimated delivery. It's always within 2 days for me.(early 2 days, or late 2 days)

to Anonymous Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1345950

It does not say the word "estimated" on their tracking page, it says "scheduled".

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