I am beyond angry right now. I have been waiting ALL day for my package, and online it said it was on time, and would be here BY 7:00pm. BULLCRAP.

6:30 rolls around, I call and talked to some lady who said "they have a half hour." I asked if it would be here FOR SURE by 7 and she said "yes". 6:55 comes, still no package.

Call again.."they still have 6 minutes" so I ask "so it WILL be here today?" and then say "yes" once again.

7:15pm, no package. Check online tracking, they removed my estimated arrival date, and it now says "delivery exception".

I called again. Talked to a man this time. He says it was because of the weather. UHM HELLO the weather is fine today aside for some wind. Tells me they can't do anything and it SHOULd arrive tomorrow between 1 and 3pm. I hung up.

Still upset I call again, and speak do a different lady. I told her I want to know when it will arrive tomorrow. She says "I can't know for sure, but it will be by 7pm. Your package arrived at the facility too late and it was ACCIDENTLY scanned, but it wasn't really on the truck. I don't know what time you will be on the drivers route tomorrow, but it will be on the truck."

Yeah well it said it was on the truck and on time all freakin day today. If it wasn't on time they should have told me that so I didn't sit around ALL DAY WAITING and BEING LIED TO.

Not to mention 3 out of the 4 customer service reps were terrible, and condescending. We'll see how tomorrow goes. If I don't get it on time they will be getting some very angry phone calls, and even more negative reviews. This is absolutely ridiculous. No excuse for this. Especially because this is not the first time this has happened, or that they usually wait until the VERY last minute to deliver.

I'm from a small area. My package arrived at 1:55pm. Now tell me, if it takes 20 minutes to drive through my town (maybe not even) HOW ON EARTH can they not deliver a package in 5 HOURS. I will never order from a company who uses FedEx EVER again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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I wish you would get a life why on earth would you wait around all day for a package to be delivered knowing that other deliveries you have been expecting were late. Then you get angry when it’s not delivered knowing this outcome was possible from past experience. This is not your best day.


I drive for Fedex Ground. I can empathize with your frustration. I had a package on my truck for a hotel guest, and knowing that the hotel would be open 24/7, it happened to be last on my list for deliveries. If it was a priority, well then you need to arrange for priority shipping.

But around 7pm, the package was delivered and not taken back to the station because I do care about what I do.

If you had the choice to bring back an entire day of packages for a business park closing at 5pm, or delivering one a bit late to a location open all hours, which would you choose?

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