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I wrote earlier today, tracking number 6040*****, you can figure out the rest. When our package finally came, my husband started to open it.

All of a sudden, he said that it wasn't our phones that we had been waiting for but medications that belonged to someone else! We live at 44712 and the meds were supposed to be delivered to 44512!!!!! Luckily, for us, the driver was doing whatever they do before they leave and I yelled to him from the door and told him he had delivered the wrong package to us. He said he was sorry, yeah, sure.

So we had someone else's medications and if he hadn't still been there, we would have had to go through all the Fedex bull about trying to track the driver down and him not being "able" to come back by even though we had someone else's medications and HE still had our phones.

This has been a disgusting process and we will NOT use Fedex again. You guys need to do something different because you sure are failing your customers terribly!

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