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I live in Chickamauga GA. Our driver is very lazy. He reports delievering packagaes. You call and say your didnt get the package, magically it then appears on your door.I think he keeps the packages until they are reported missing.. Currently he is not bringing anything and listing ...2:45 pm Delivery exception CHATTANOOGA, TN Incorrect address - Street number What a lazy thing to do. He just dont want to bring packages. LAZY ***952985064085 Fedex, this is the last of the tracking number... verify... Please

- 7/26/2013 - Friday 12:06 pm Delivery exception CHATTANOOGA, TN Awaiting additional delivery information from recipient - 7/25/2013 - Thursday 2:45 pm Delivery exception CHATTANOOGA, TN Incorrect address - Street number 8:13 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery CHATTANOOGA, TN 7:57 am At local FedEx facility CHATTANOOGA, TN 4:21 am At local FedEx facility CHATTANOOGA, TN - 7/24/2013 - Wednesday 11:43 pm Departed FedEx location NASHVILLE, TN 4:10 pm Arrived at FedEx location NASHVILLE, TN - 7/23/2013 - Tuesday 11:19 pm Left FedEx origin facility IRVING, TX 6:09 pm Arrived at FedEx location IRVING, TX 10:45 am Shipment information sent to FedEx 12:00 am Picked up IRVING, TX

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Vehicle Driver.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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North Fort Myers, Florida, United States #1191863

Fed ex in Chickamauga has been reported numberous times for speeding! Through neighborhood wt kids over 25 speed limit at about 35-40 and in school zones durning ni speeding at 35-45

They obviously have done nothing

And all way to work my husband complains about the truck drivers and of course fed ex drivers!

Get their van or truck number and complain

Maybe with more complaints they'll add one of those speed checkers to their vans! Ha!


If spending tons of time during the holidays roasting chestnuts, singing carols and drinking egg nog while wearing your Santa sweater is that important to you, then maybe...just maybe choosing a career as a Fed Ex delivery driver wasn't the wisest thing you've done. Now go to and type in "jobs with lots of time off during the holidays."


I am a Fedex driver. I work hard, especially during Christmas.

We put up with lots of *** from customers, including bad addresses on packages, no numbers on homes or mailboxes, not to mention biting dogs. Tell me again we stink.

Get off your lazy *** and do your shopping in stores. We have families too, and maybe we want to enjoy Christmas ourselves.

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