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When package was delivered I told the driver with my RA that there was no way I could bring the freezer up to the second floor by myself and my husband would be home until later on that evening the young boy/man told me this is as far as he's going which was outside on the sidewalk since I have no porch, so I told him he might as well put it back on his truck and return to sender he told me you people always complaining about something, so I told him if he don't take it back that I won't be responsible if it's stolen, so he started walking off, so I ran downstairs calling him to come get it, or I promise I will leave it on the sidewalk he kept walking'm not sure if he heard me because I could hear him telling somebody on the phone that he was going to leave it apparently whomever he was talking to on the phone told him something to make him come back I was about to tell him he needs to come back and get it, but I heard him tell the caller that I came downstairs, so he must have assumed that I was bringing it in which I wasn't I wanted to try and explain to him that just last week the same thing happen only this time I wasn't aware of curbside delivery so by the time I was able to find someone to help me the freezer was gone, so there's no way I was losing more money by allowing him to leave it because if I did that then that would make me responsible, so after he left it on the sidewalk I knock on neighbor's door but no answer, so I called FedEx and told them what happen and as usual they apologize and say they would look into it and get back to me in 24 hours and anybody that have had experiences with them before know good and well they never do anything because if they were to start holding the driver accountable then it wouldn't be still happening I have been dealing with this since 2015 and this year has been the worst so far this year I have filed seven dispute claims not one time have they ever returned any of my calls or did anything about their drivers and from what I can tell they have a habit of ringing the bell if you have no porch and just leave without waiting to see if the customer is home and if you do have a porch they don't even bother to ring the bell they just leave it and go it got so bad that I stop placing online orders because each time I do they do the same thing and I have to jump through hoops just to get my money back from the senders because FedEx is full of BS they claim you can file for lost or stolen property, but they're lying so two of the sender I had to threaten with a lawsuit because they told me that tracking showed that it was delivered duh I told them that but what they don't tell you is they never contact the delivery service whomever it might be at that time all the do is track it what they should do is call the service and asked to speak to the driver or have their lawyers contact the service they hired because once I pay for an item responsibility falls on the sender then after the sender pay for shipping and handling the responsibility falls on the service until these companies start holding the right people accountable they will continue to do a messed up job 2019 Amazon closed out my account because they told me I was getting to many refunds which was a joke by that time I had already stop placing orders but this year I was allowed to place orders which was a huge mistake because of FedEx,USPS and UPS I have filed seven claims and the latest one is the freezer that the sender refused to refund my money until after the investigation they wanted me to waste my time and money to go file a police report for the stolen item I told them I wasn't because if the driver had done his job I wouldn't need to file a police report, but I went and did it only because my credit card company will ask me what I did to resolved the issue, so I also reached out to Amazon because responslbility falls on them to, so I was told they would get back to me in a week well it's been over a week and nothing, so I will have to do it through the credit card company to get my money if you haven't guess by now yes the package was stolen and the neighbor across the street said that the driver came back and got it which I don't believe he would have done that not that disrespectful child I think she really knows what happen but where I live there's no way she would tell what she saw but like I said had the driver did his job and took it back none of this would have happened but then again after he rang my bell he was ready to walk off which tells me that either way I would have lost my package again

User's recommendation: keep complaining they might get tired and actually hold the drivers resposible.

Monetary Loss: $193.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

FedEx Pros: Always deliver.

FedEx Cons: Deliver and leave the package without residence knowledge.

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