I live in a very large apartment complex where there is a lot of foot traffic on the walkway of where my apartment is located. The driver (FEDEX) decided that she was going to leave my packages (which consisted of 4 pairs of Sperry Topsider shoes totaling $437 and also an pair of Jordan's which was another $200).

The packages were my children's shoes for school and school starts on Monday. I called FedEx and the manger of the store called the driver who said she felt safe to leave the packages because she did not see anyone outside who looked as if they would steal them..wtf!! then I was instructed to file a claim with the delivery resolution dept who told me that they would have to investigate the claim and that would take several days. A guy buy the name of Damon who is a delivery manager knocks on my door to tell me how sorry he was and that it was the shipper's fault that the package got stolen because they did not request a signature for delivery.

I am pissed and disgusted by the fact that FedEx refuses to take responsibility for the incompetent lazy drivers. I lost over $1200 (now it will be another $600 and I have to reorder my children some more shoes in order for them to have new shoes for school on Monday). I am devastated by this. I work hard and to have something stolen from you because of someone's negligent actions is even more disgusting and devastating.

FedEx needs to get their *** together.

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Over $600 for 5 pairs of shoe?. You've got some spoiled rotten kids and some misplaced priorities! A fool and their money...

Orlando, Florida, United States #859875

Fedex is not responsible if the shipper says "no signature required". If the shipper feels that it's not worth $1200 to have signature required I wouldn't deal with them.

Also before contacting FedEx I would contact the shipper and tell them to ship another bunch of shoes at their expense with signature required since this is their fault initially. Granted, FedEx drivers can refuse drop off/leaving a package if they feel the area is unsafe/prone to theft however this brings up the problem of people then complaining to FedEx that they didn't get their packages on time so they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The driver had no way to know the content/value of the package, nor did he have any way to know the quality of your neighbors.


Why would you order the shoes online knowing that: (1) you live in an apartment complex and leaving packages outside doors have become commonplace, (2) children's feet grow enough that you're better to have them sized instead of guessing especially where you said, you need them so soon and cannot spend time shipping them back and forth?

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