I'm waiting all day at home on my package only to get a email that says ..."customer not at home or business closed". There was never a knock on the door or a horn blowing like UPS does.

They are just useless and lazy. This isn't the first time I've had a problem with them. I am sick of doing business with people who only use fed ex. It will be worth it to pay more for the product so that I can actually get my packages.

Yes there has been times I have NEVER received my packages. ...Having to reorder and then watch like a hawk for the fed ex truck to make sure they don't deliver my package elsewhere..yes that has happened too.

They suck!!!! Give me UPS!!!!!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I've had exactly the same experiences: Fedex saying they attempted delivery when they didn't, and delivering my parcels elsewhere. Please shippers: No more Fedex!


Beyond Pissed!

Waited all day for a Fedex delivery only for my husband to get an email stating

"Customer not home, or business is closed!" The driver never attempted to knock on our door!!! We were sitting right there.

SADLY When my husband called to complain, he was told the driver can not be reached and that the hub was closed. Not only that, but rather than us being able to pick the package up ourselves we have to wait around yet another day to see if in fact his package gets delivered.

The worst service EVER!

to Anonymous #1077784

Exactly what happened to me today! They need serious adjustments.


The same thing happened to me my package as of today is two days late but I got the same email an they even gave me a time that they said they came an it was a flat out lie all c.s told me was their system said I didn't come to the door an they will try tomorrow an he refused to believe me that nobody came an I must have missed him but yet I was outside when they said they came an have been here all day screw FedEx in meridian ms

-forever UPS costumer

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